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Coaching and Consulting

If you face problems growing your business or becoming a highly effective leader, you may also look for someone who can help you overcome these problems.

Patrick has helped many leaders and leadership teams develop their leadership skills, become cohesive and thriving teams, and grow their businesses.

Just book a call with Patrick to discuss how he can help you achieve your biggest goals.

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Leadership Workshops

As an investor, board member, coach, and mentor, Patrick has been giving workshops on how to lead and scale tech businesses successfully.

"How to create immense value in minutes? That's Patrick's playing field. We worked together on several projects and workshops, helping tech scaleups expand internationally. With his experience in scaling and investing into companies, Patrick really understands to boil down complex matter to the essential. If you want to scale your business, improve your leadership or prepare your company for the next investment round, try to get his advice. Next to this, Patrick is a great story teller - in his books and on stage."

—Wolfgang Langeder, Senior Expansion Consultant at WeGrow International

"Patrick supported the METRO Accelerator (MXCel) as a mentor and speaker. Patrick has been one of the most valuable mentors of the program, helping founders with topics around rapid growth." 

—Laurent Kaestli, former MD METRO Accelerator

Please reach out if you think that Patrick can help you, too.

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The Leadership House 

On 21 April 2023, the international publishing house Wiley will publish Patrick's new leadership book globally.

"In this little book, you will find the tools necessary to enhance your leadership journey. Thanks Patrick for giving us such a gift.”

—Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks International

"Great storytelling alongside with the simultaneous communication of facts. In this book, the essentials of leadership are impressively presented in an unusual and memorable setting." 

—Gisbert Rühl, former CEO of Klöckner & Co SE

"Most leadership books are either too theoretic, esoteric, or complex—or all of the above. The Leadership House stands out. It conveys how to lead effectively, wrapped in an inspiring story full of leadership wisdom and actionable insights. This book is not only fun to read, but makes you learn how to lead with ease. Highly recommended for any leader and all who wish to become one.”

—Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development at DHL Group

With this leadership story, Patrick sweeps away leadership myths and shares a leadership development framework that leaders at all levels and in all kinds of organizations can apply to become highly effective leaders.

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Keynote Speaking

Patrick delivers both virtual presentations and in-person keynotes about leadership and growth topics. He wraps all topics you want him to talk about into exciting real life stories that will get your audience inspired and equipped to reach their biggest goals. 

"Patrick Flesner’s keynote at Estonian Business Angels Network investor day during sTARTUp Day was a hit – full of energy and smooth storyline to follow. His passion for leadership was contagious. His ideas to help founders transition to leaders and help leaders improve their leadership skills are pushing leadership thinking. If you are looking for someone to give a leadership keynote on your event with passion and actionable leadership insights, then I believe Patrick is your man."

 —Harri Talin, Partner at CIVITTA and Co-Founder of

If you would like Patrick to keynote your event, please schedule a call with him.

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Online Leadership Courses

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential


“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” But how do you become a good and effective leader? How do you learn to lead people, groups, and organizations successfully? How do you transition from founder to leader, from manager to leader, and from leader to highly effective leader?

If you are anything like the many leaders Patrick has enjoyed working with in his career, you look for answers to these questions. But the answers you get are often dissatisfying, because they come to you pieces at a time. You sometimes hear that you should trust and empower your team members. The next day, you are advised not to micromanage. Then, you are told that you should not tell people what to do, but rather hire people who tell you what to do. And you are also supposed to be humble and strong at the same time. While the answers you get may be good ones, they are fragmented solutions to a holistic question: how do we lead effectively? 

Against this background, Patrick has written his leadership book The Leadership House and created an online leadership course. In his course Unlocking Your Leadership Potential, you will not only learn how to lead effectively. You will also develop your own personalized leadership development plan reflecting what you and your leadership team must do in order to achieve your biggest goals. 

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In 2021, Patrick published FastScaling, a high growth handbook for founders. It has become a No. 1 Amazon bestseller.

"I work with fast scaling companies every day - and this book provides a 360 degree view on all scaling topics, from the foundations for scaling to its acceleration. Founders and startup enthusiasts alike (as well as investors) will value Patrick's firsthand experiences and practical views as an investor himself. 
I've put it on the required reading list of all high-growth ventures and investors from now on. 10 out of 10, thanks Patrick for condensing your learnings in this book."

—Gernot Schwendtner, CEO and Co-Founder of WeGrow International

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Board Advisory

As a board member, Patrick brings his growth and leadership related expertise, knowledge, and experience to the boardroom.

"I am working with Patrick on the supervisory board of orderbird AG, Berlin. Patrick is a very active colleague, who is interested in all aspects of the company and shows a high level of commitment. His expertise in finance and investment matters impresses with a very good view of the operative business. He brings in all his expertise, speeding up processes and sharpening results orientation. His agility, passion, energy and commitment are valuable qualities in the team. It gives me great pleasure to work together with Patrick on common goals."

—Oliver Kaltner, former CEO Leica AG

Please schedule a call with Patrick if you think he could add value to your board.

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In his blog, Patrick shares unique content around leadership and growth, including the articles he writes as a contributor for the Inc. Magazine.

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About Patrick

Patrick has been working in PE/VC and M&A for two decades. He was a partner at business law firms focusing on PE/VC and M&A transactions and a partner at LeadX Capital Partners where he created one of Europe's biggest portfolios of companies active in digital commerce. At LeadX, he has invested in high growth businesses across Europe and helped them get from initial traction to sustainable high growth. Patrick is passionate about helping leadership teams lead and scale their businesses and has exited his investments successfully.

"I am working with Patrick on the supervisory board of orderbird AG, Berlin...He brings in all his expertise, speeding up processes and sharpening results orientation. His agility, passion, energy and commitment are valuable qualities in the team..."

—Oliver Kaltner, former CEO Leica AG

Throughout the years, Patrick has been translating his leadership and growth learnings into frameworks that he has been passing on in articles for the MIT Sloan Management Review, the Inc. Magazine, and I by IMD as well as leadership and growth workshops for startup leadership teams.

"Patrick is one of the most insightful and passionate leaders in scaling businesses that I've come across. His ability to understand a fast growing company's challenges and help define a structure and glide path to success is truly unique..."

—Raymond Wright, Co-Founder at Ufurnish

In 2021, Patrick published his high growth handbook and No. 1 Amazon bestseller FastScaling: The Smart Path to Building Massively Valuable Businesses.

In Q2 2023, the international publishing house Wiley will publish his new leadership book The Leadership House.  

"In this little book, you will find the tools necessary to enhance your leadership journey. Thanks Patrick for giving us such a gift.”

—Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks International

Patrick has created the online leadership course "Unlocking Your Leadership Potential" in which he turns founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders into highly effective leaders.

Patrick received a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Cologne and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from INSEAD Business School.

With his wife and children, he lives in Cologne, Germany.