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How do we become good and effective leaders? How do we transition from founder to leader, from manager to leader, and from leader to highly effective leader? If you are anything like the many leaders I have enjoyed working with in my career, you look for answers to these questions. But the answers you get are often dissatisfying, because they come to you pieces at a time. You sometimes hear that you should trust and empower your team members. The next day, you are told that you should not tell people what to do, but rather hire people who tell you what to do. And you are also supposed to be humble and strong at the same time. While the answers you get may be good ones, they are fragmented answers to a holistic question: how do we lead effectively?

I have answered that universal leadership conundrum in my leadership book "The Leadership House", which will be published by the international publishing house Wiley in Q2 2023.  

As an investor, board member, coach, mentor, and keynote speaker, I have been passing on the leadership house framework and all other leadership frameworks I have developed over time to founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders across the globe. Now, I am sharing these frameworks with you. 

I am looking forward to helping you grow.

Let's unlock your leadership and growth potential.



Artur Stepaniak

Patrick is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and helpful investors I met. A great mentor, he helped me connect many dots and improve my business through the questions he asked and the feedback he shared.
Every meeting we had led to a game-changing realisation. Incredibly ambitious, hard-working and focused, Patrick is fun to work with, pushing one to raise one's standards of excellence.

Laurent Kaestli

Patrick supported the METRO Accelerator Program (MXCel) as a mentor and speaker. Patrick has been one of the most valuable mentors of the program, helping founders with topics around rapid growth.

Patrick has an unique ability to grasp complex issues very quickly and to provide a structured way of solving problems. In addition to that skill, his large experience and his deep knowledge of the investment ecosystem make him an excellent investor and a valuable partner for founders / as a board member. He has a warm personality, is concise and very friendly. I always enjoy getting his feedback and can only recommend him warmly to founders in growth phase.

Tim Wekezer

I met Patrick during the Metro Xcel scale up program where he taught us about boards of directors in early-stage companies. Finally someone that could explain this topic in a very easy and clear way. Since then, our company's board meetings have become much more efficient. After the program, Patrick has always been available to advise us on the most complex issues our company would face, even on very short notice. He embraces the challenges and makes you feel like a true partner.

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential - From Founder to Leader in 8 Weeks  

In this course, you will learn how to transition from founder to leader. It is a guided course in which you will not only learn what it takes to lead effectively and with ease. You will also create your own personalized 180-days leadership development plan that you can follow to improve your leadership skills, become an effective leader, and achieve your biggest goals.

You will especially learn:

  • How to develop leadership skills systematically

  • How to lead teams effectively

  • Why trust is the foundation of effective leadership and how to create trusting relationships

  • Why teamwork is the secret sauce for team success and how to ensure your team members embrace teamwork

  • How to create a culture in which your teams thrive

  • How to ensure you and your teams execute according to your plans

  • How to successfully overcome typical leadership challenges

  • How to avoid incurring even more leadership debt and transition into an effective leader

Who should attend this course:

  • This course is ideal for startup founders and entrepreneurs who want to make the leap from founder to leader and lead effectively and with ease
  • Startup leadership teams
  • Aspiring startup leaders who want to move up the startup leadership ladder and transition from manager to leader

Do not waste more time. Do not incur more leadership debt. Start working on your leadership skills now.

Both courses can be purchased now and can be taken as from 1 January 2023. 



Top features

  • Introductory guide to unlocking your leadership potential (c. 30 pages)
  • Video tutorials on why founders and startup leaders fail, why startups fail, the leadership path, and the 8 building blocks of leading effectively
  • 365 days access
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Full Course


Top features

  • 8 weeks leadership development program
  • All features of the free course
  • +80 video tutorials
  • 8 cheat sheets about the core learnings of each module (2 to 5 pages each)
  • Quizzes covering the content delivered each week
  • Clear calls to action regarding what you should work on after each module and week
  • Your own personalized 180-days leadership development plan
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